Cologne Saxophone Quintet

Cologne Saxophone Quintet



saxophone quintet | saxophone quartet

YO!transposed score
alto saxophone 1 (or soprano)
alto saxophone 2
tenor saxophone 1 (quintet and quartet version)
opt. tenor saxophone 2
baritone saxophone (or Eb tubax)

duration: approx. 4m30s | advanced

published by Advance Music | order no. 07554
21,95 Euro

This piece about joy, funk and groove is fun to play. It was written in 1994, inspired by the music of Bob Mintzer and it features the tenor saxophone (improvised solo and written counterpoint lines). The original version for five saxophones is actually a piece for quartet and soloist. In the four-saxophone version, the tenor solo part is integrated in the quartet and the soloist plays in the ensemble. The whole piece is based on clear rhythmic and melodic motives, which develop and flow from one part into the other, thus creating a funky groove. There is a good recording of YO! by the Cologne Saxophone Quintet on their CD YO! – featuring Bob Mintzer (Neuklang).


November Spring

saxophone quartet | saxophone quintet

November Springtransposed score
alto saxophone 1 (or soprano)
alto saxophone 2
tenor saxophone
opt. tenor saxophone 2 (or alto saxophone 3)
baritone saxophone

duration: approx. 4:10 min. | advanced

published by Advance Music | order no. 07559
21,95 Euro

The cheerful and expressive pop-jazz song November Spring was originally written for saxophone quartet Wheeze (two altos, tenor and baritone). It is a feature for the 1st alto (optional soprano part is included – the alto part goes up to high A!), which introduces the melody and plays a long improvised solo. Also included is an optional 2nd tenor part (or optional 3rd alto) to perform this piece in the Cologne Saxophone Quintet version. Playing November Spring is not only a challenge, but it is also fun to do! The composition consists of a short and explosive introduction, a 64-bar AABC theme, an interlude, a solo for 1st alto on the AABC form, an interlude, ABC theme and a coda.

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